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We’re still producing and delivering, so you can continue to create and order with Resnap. We're taking every precaution necessary to protect our staff, and will carry on working to the same high standard you expect from Resnap.
You'll find more information in the FAQ's, below.

Insert single page:

Please note: For formatting constraints, pages within our editor can only be added, moved or removed in pairs. Newly added pages will be empty and need to be filled manually.
1. Open your photo book.
2. Go to the pages between which you'd like to add a spread.
3. Simply click on the "+"-icon and the spread will appear exactly between those pages.

Insert set of pages:

Please note: This will discard all pages and regenerate the entire book as if it was a new project.
1. Open your photo book.
2. Click on "Options" at the bottom of the screen. An option column will appear on the right.
3. Click on "Number of pages". You will see some sets of pages. Depending on how many photos are uploaded, some of them might be unavailable.
4. Click on the desired number of pages and the editor will generate a new book using the Resnap smart assistant.

Add multiple photos:

Please note: This only adds the photo to your project. You will have to add the photos to a page afterwards.
1. Open your photo book.
2. Click on a random page. An overview of all available photos will appear.
3. Click on "Add photo" and then again on "Add photos".
4. You can select photos stored locally on your device.

Want to add photos from Facebook, Instagram, Google Photos or Dropbox?

This is only possible by starting a new project.
1. Click on the account icon once you’re logged in and select "Books".
2. Click on "Photos" at the top of your screen and then on "Add photos" at the bottom.
3. After selecting all photos you want to add to your project, click on the blue button "Next". A new photo book will be generated.


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