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At Resnap, creating a photo book has never been easier.


Simply upload photos from your device or social media. Our Smart Editor will automatically select your best images and create a stunning book for you in minutes. Make a few adjustments (if you want) and you’re done.

To begin, you will need to create an account with us.


If you have come to us through Facebook you may already have an account. You can log in from here, under the Log In option select Continue with Facebook. This is important if you are wanting to use your Facebook photos as we need to verify you are the account owner. 

Once you are logged in, you are direct to your Account page. Here, you can edit an already made photo book or create a new one.  Issues logging in? For further details, please go to our how to log in page. 


To create a new photo book select Create Book







1. Uploading

Select the source you would like to upload your photos from.




By selecting Facebook, you can choose from year/s, album/s or if you'd like to only include photos from a special weekend or holiday you can also choose to specify a date range. Your choice will be identified by a tick over the thumbnail. If you change your mind on a selection, click or tap again to deselect. When you're ready to move to the next stage select Add.  


Your photos will be uploaded and displayed, you will then have the option to Add more from the above sources or Sort your photos by date or name. 




When you are happy with the selection, select Next.

Our AI will now analyze your photos and find the best ones for your book!




2. Selection

In the second stage, photos selected by the AI are identified by blue ticks on the left hand corner of each photo.  




The suggestion box indicates how many photos has been selected next to the number of photos you have uploaded. Should you want all photos in the book, select the All photos option on the bottom right corner of the box.

Please keep in mind, your photo book can have up to 9 photos per page with a total of 1080 photos in a 120 page book. 

Tap or click on Next when your finished.




3. Choose your style

In this section you can select your format and style of the book. 

Here you can choose the orientation, such as Landscape, Portrait or Square. Plus you can select the cover and text style through-out your book.




Not sure at this stage what you would like? You can tweak this later when reviewing your book. 

Tap or click on Next when your finished.



4. Review

You will be prompted to name your photo book. Once named, your book will be saved within your account. Unedited photo books are not stored indefinitely. For further information please review our deletion policy


You can now review and edit your photo book to fit your own creative style. 



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